David LaFontaine




David LaFontaine is the Director of Content at DigitalFamily.com, as well as an author and multimedia producer whose work has earned him invitations to lecture all over the world. His curiosity and willingness to use himself as a human lab rat to test the latest digital tools, have led him to acquire a wide range of New Media skills.

DigitalFamily.com is a digital design and training firm that specializes in helping clients use technology and multimedia storytelling more effectively. Our services include content strategy and multimedia content creation, as well as design and programming. We also develop courses, online training and workshops for clients around the world.

NAA audience planbookResearch and Case Studies

David's background as an investigative reporter and editor have given him the skills to do in-depth analysis of tech trends and tools.

His freelance work includes case studies on newspapers and multimedia for the Newspaper Association of America (NAA.org), the World Associaton of Newspapers (WAN), the Online Journalism Review (OJR.org), and Advanced Interactive Media (AIM Group).

As a managing editor, he assembled a team of expert journalists, digital entrepreneurs and marketing mavens, to build the "Audience Planbook" for the NAA. It lays out the necessary processes that a news organization must go through in order to reinvent itself and start producing the kind of content that attracts online readers. You can read the .pdf version of the Audience Planbook here.


David's engaging, informal style of training have earned him repeated invitations to work with journalists, NGOs, pro-democracy groups and business leaders around the world. You can see some videos of David being interviewed by journalists in Ethiopia, speaking on a panel at the Los Angeles Times, or explaining the intricacies of designing for the mobile platform at BlogWorld in this gallery.